Researching Gender Trends Among Higher Ed CIOs with Dr. Wayne Brown

A photo of Dr. Wayne Brown, Vice President of the Extended Education Division at Excelsior College and CEO of Educators Serving Educators.Dr. Wayne Brown, founder of the Center for Higher Education Chief Information Officer Studies and vice president of Extended Education at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to explore his recent Information Week piece “In Higher Education, Fewer Women Graduate to CIO.” Dr. Brown discusses this alarming trend, root causes behind gender disparities for mentoring and on-the-job training, and why he remains hopeful for the future. The conversation touches on another of different areas explored in his longitudinal research including expected degree pathways of aspiring CIOs.

Listen to Researching Gender Trends Among Higher Ed CIOs

1:10 Why is the percentage of women CIOs in higher ed on the decline?
2:26 How much research is there out there?
3:39 Possible factors at play.
6:05 Indications of future turnaround.
7:55 Should we be hopeful for the future?
9:07 Men favor their own CIOs for mentorship, women their peers.
10:50 What types of degrees should aspiring CIOs pursue?
12:15 What could derail potential progress?
14:04 Bridging the disconnect.
15:00 Additional trends – why tech leaders may not understand what a CIO does.