Excelsior College President John EbersoleJohn F. Ebersole, LPD is president of Excelsior College in Albany, N.Y., one of the oldest accredited, private, nonprofit distance education institutions in the country. In his 25 year career in higher education, Dr. Ebersole’s personal experience as a post-traditional student has informed his approach to adult education.

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Dr. Ebersole’s Contributions to Huffington Post

  • Reflections on Service
    On this and every Veterans Day, as the beneficiaries of their service, let's strive to fulfill the obligation we have to recognize, thank and support those who willingly said "sign me up."
  • Is an Education in the Liberal Arts Important?
    The results of two separate surveys were announced the week of September 16 that provide very interesting insights into the American job market.
  • The 12 Myths of MOOCs
    In a recent survey of several hundred educators, only 13 percent of schools today offer MOOCs, but 43 percent plan to offer them by 2016. So if we agree the trend is here to stay, let's take a look at the growing mythology of Massive Open Online Courses.
  • Toward Sustainable MOOCs
    MOOCS continue to dominate discussions regarding technology, access and cost. The degree to which they can be seen as sustainable appears to be receding as a concern. A variety of applications and business models have started to emerge.
  • Where Is Your Carrot?
    What motivates any of us to action (or inaction) can depend largely upon how far away the perceived reward may be.

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Dr. Ebersole’s Contributions to Forbes.com

  • Top Issues Facing Higher Education In 2014
    The last several years have seen much white water in higher . The currents of change have propelled the sector toward, or onto, one rock after another. This year offers no prospect for relief. The top issues of 2014 will undoubtedly include the following: Cost continues to top the list of concerns for the President, […]
  • An Upside Down Economy-Education Cycle
    Recent economic indicators, some familiar to many and few not so, are pointing toward our nation’s economy having finally come out of the recessionary woods. However, one important aspect is going in the wrong direction and for a reason that can be a real game changer. The jobless rate fell from 7.3 percent in October […]
  • Veteran Unemployment
    As we honor America’s veterans this week, confusion continues to swirl around the issue of unemployment for these former military men and women. While overall veteran unemployment has historically been less than for the workforce as a whole (recent Bureau of Labor statistics data for example shows that the national unemployment rate in October stood […]
  • STEM vs. the Liberal Arts?
    I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately for business, and a little for pleasure, so I’ve had some catching up to do in my reading. There was an intriguing article from late August in IEEE Spectrum about the demand for workers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields. We hear a lot about the need […]
  • To Harness MOOCs, Focus on the Outcomes
    Many states are wrestling with how to achieve the twin goals of making higher education both more affordable and accessible to their citizens. California and, more recently, Florida have been in the news as they struggle to find ways of taming the new elephant in the room…MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). Political leaders, in apparent […]

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