Diversity and Philanthropy with Cathy Kushner

Cathy KushnerCathy Kushner, vice president of Institutional Advancement at Excelsior College, joins the Distance EDU on Demand podcast, to talk about her career in diversity and inclusion and the challenges of philanthropy in a down economy.


Listen to “Diversity and Philanthropy”:

1:25 A devotion to public service.
3:39 Inspired by family.
4:29 Passion for inclusion and growing up in the 1960s.
5:54 Influence of Dorothy Height and the Civil Rights Movement.
8:30 Shaped by personal experience.
11:50 Philanthropy and a challenging economy.
14:21 “It comes out of a passion.”
15:09 How do you keep a donor engaged?
17:06 What would your 17-year old self say about the life to come?