Educational Journeys with the 2013 Graduating Class

Schools and Centers This special Commencement edition of the podcast focuses on Excelsior’s 2013 graduating class and the inspiring stories of eight graduates. The episode includes interviews with several of the graduates discussing why they returned to school and what their educational journey has meant to them and their families.

1:15 Commencement at a distance learning institution
2:40 A diverse class
3:20 Jon Gonzalez, achieving the “American Dream”
5:27 Rhonda Esposito, putting her studies into practice
8:52 Jeff Urkevich, three degrees of success
11:43 Terry Bedard, and a dream no longer deferred
16:15 Mike Sturgess, never too old to learn
17:50 Joy Aburquez, Navy veteran kept a promise to herself
19:40 Patricia Mann, a courageous learner
20:57 The inspiring story of Eugene Cuthbert, Excelsior’s 150,000th graduate
23:47 The Excelsior success story – forty years of growth