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Military Appreciation Month:Traits to be A Successful Leader

May is National Military Appreciation Month. When re-entering the civilian workforce, former military personnel

Dr. Robert Waters Named Dean of the School of Public Service

Dr. Robert E. Waters has been named dean of the School of Public Service

Fact, Fiction, and Forensics with Dr. Michael Verro

October is National Crime Prevention Month. Many television shows like Investigation Discovery, Forensic Files,

School of Public Service Launches at Excelsior College Mindful of Future Career Growth Trends

Excelsior College will add a new school to its growing college roster this fall.

Excelsior College Launches School of Public Service

Excelsior College this week unveiled its fifth school, Public Service, which will house the

Dr. Michael Verro on Criminal Justice Career Pathways

Dr. Michael Verro, Criminal Justice program director at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to

Convert Criminal Justice Training to College Credit

For those working in the criminal justice field, an inconsistent schedule and lack of

Dr. Timothy Emerick on the Science of Criminal Profiling

Dr. Timothy Emerick discusses the truth behind criminal investigative analysis and separates the myths

Excelsior College to Introduce School of Public Service on September 1

Today, Excelsior offers more than 34 degree and certificate programs across four schools—Business and

Dr. Jeff Rush on Terrorist Minds

Dr. Jeff Rush, criminologist, author and adjunct faculty at Excelsior College joins Excelsior Life:

Detecting the Patterns of Terrorist Attacks

Editor’s Note: This piece was published just five hours prior to the April 15

Excelsior College Unveils Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Excelsior College, a private, nonprofit, distance learning institution in Albany, N.Y. begins offering classes