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Dr. Robert Kinsinger on the Nursing Education Revolution

Dr. Robert Kinsinger, former vice president of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and a former chair of the Regents College Board of Overseers, joins the podcast to discuss his pioneering work on nursing education in the 1950s. Dr. Kinsinger discusses his collaboration with...  [Read More]

Commencement Stories: The Class of 2014

In this week’s special Commencement edition of the podcast, host Mike Lesczinski discusses this year’s graduating class and Excelsior’s upcoming Commencement ceremony on July 11. The episode ncludes a complete interview with 2014 nursing graduate Maria Malone, an administrative assistant who, wanting...  [Read More]

Dr. Patrick Jones on Why Online Courses are Superior to Face-to-Face Classes

Dr. Patrick Jones, vice provost and interim co-dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss why online courses are superior to face-to-face traditional classes. Dr. Jones, an assessment and course development expert, believes when it...  [Read More]

Dr. Anna Zendell and Carol Shenise, RN on Stress Management Strategies

Excelsior College’s Dr. Anna Zendell, MSW and Carol Shenise, MS, RN, join the podcast to discuss stress, including triggers, coping strategies, and developing a stress management plan. The conversation touches upon what employers can do to alleviate workplace stress and unique stressors...  [Read More]

Victoria Van Voorhis on Reimagining Learning through Serious Games

Victoria Van Voorhis, CEO, Second Avenue Learning, joins the podcast to discuss the disruptive nature of educational games. Topics include how to interject “serious games” back into the educational process, the use of games to enhance traditional learning, and potential obstacles to...  [Read More]

Jo Ann Webb, RN, MHA on Impact of Affordable Care Act on Nursing

Jo Ann Webb, RN, MHA, senior director of federal relations and policy for the American Organization of NurseExecutives (AONE), joins the Excelsior Life: Distance EDU on Demand podcast to discuss the Affordable Care Act and its impact on nurse educators, managers, and...  [Read More]

Dr. Barbara Pieper on the Robert E. Kinsinger Institute for Nursing Excellence

Dr. Barbara Pieper, director of the Robert E. Kinsinger Institute for Nursing Excellence at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss the institute’s launch, objectives, scholarship agenda, support services, and future plans.             Listen to “Exploring the...  [Read More]

Mailbag: What is Competency-Based Education?

In the first ever Excelsior Life: Distance EDU on Demand podcast mailbag, Dr. Steve Ernst, vice president for Innovation at Excelsior College, discusses competency-based education. Have a question about higher education, distance learning, or a recent podcast episode that you would like...  [Read More]

Tina Grant on Competency, Adaptive Learning and Higher Ed Innovation

Tina Grant, executive director of the Center for the Assessment of Post-Traditional Learning at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss how competency-based education and new technology such as adaptive learning can help turn many of today’s higher education challenges into opportunities....  [Read More]

Dorcey Applyrs on Cultural Competence in Health Care Delivery

Dorcey Applyrs, faculty program director for the Excelsior College School of Health Sciences, joins the podcast to discuss her work in the HIV/AIDs field, institutionalized problems within the health care system, cultural competence, and other health care issues in culturally diverse populations....  [Read More]

Susan Petrie on Small Press Publishing

Susan Petrie joins the podcast to discuss the benefits and unique challenges of running a small university press.  Petrie is the managing director of Hudson Whitman/Excelsior College Press, the first press affiliated with a distance learning nonprofit college.     Listen to...  [Read More]

Dr. Joseph Hunter and Judy Reed on Veteran Suicide Prevention Training

Dr. Joseph Hunter, suicide prevention coordinator for the Albany Stratton Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, joins the podcast to discuss suicide prevention training programs, including the VA’s Operation SAVE, and how they are being used to lower veteran suicide rates. Judy Reed,...  [Read More]

Dr. Michael Verro on Forensics in Pop Culture

Dr. Michael Verro, criminal justice program director at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss the depiction of forensics in pop culture, including whether the “CSI effect” is a real phenomenon. The discussion touches on general practice areas within the field and...  [Read More]

Dr. Crystal Sands on Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Dr. Crystal Sands, online writing lab project director at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss the development of the new Excelsior OWL, a highly-interactive, media-rich, first-of-its-kind writing lab designed to serve the needs of struggling writers as they make the transition...  [Read More]

Dr. Jane LeClair on the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College

Dr. Jane LeClair, chief operating officer at the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss NCI’s purpose, mission, and organizational structure, as well as the development process leading up to its launch. LeClair also talks contemporary cyber...  [Read More]

Michele Dutcher on Exploring Google GLASS

Michele Dutcher, interactive marketing and communications manager at Excelsior College and a Google GLASS explorer, joins the podcast to discuss Google’s latest initiative. Dutcher discusses the real-life application of Google GLASS technology and the varied reactions she has received while wearing the...  [Read More]

Dr. Murray Block on 66 Years of Higher Education Innovation

Dr. Murray Block, chief of staff at Excelsior College and a passionate advocate for lifelong learning since the start of his career in 1947, discusses opposition to community colleges in the 1950s and the parallels to contemporary higher education debate over distance...  [Read More]

Jeremy Glasstetter on the Patriot Poll

Jeremy Glasstetter, director of the Lt. Col. Bryant A Murray Veterans Center, discusses the results of the Excelsior College “Patriot Poll”, a nationwide survey of active duty military and veterans, on their use of social media and technology, education and veterans benefits,...  [Read More]

Angela Stimpson on Paying it Forward

Angela Stimpson, marketing design manager for Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss donating a kidney to a complete stranger. Stimpson shares her feelings on the donation process, sharing the news with family and friends, and the positive impact the decision has...  [Read More]

Cathy Kushner on Diversity and Philanthropy

Cathy Kushner, vice president of Institutional Advancement at Excelsior College, joins the Distance EDU on Demand podcast, to talk about her career in diversity and inclusion and the challenges of philanthropy in a down economy.   Listen to “Diversity and Philanthropy”: 1:25...  [Read More]